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…another rose ceremony…

Relationships on Reality TV are real, right? Another rose ceremony occurred this week as The Bachelor continues with Juan. Pablo. (Two words, one name.) looking for love. As the women start feeling insecure and wondering if the connection that they made on their 1-1 date with Juan. Pablo. a couple of extravagant dates ago has been forgotten. … Continue reading


2013 in review

In looking back this past year, here were the readers’ choice Top 5 Posts from this past year. Check them out below and see if your favorite made the list! Cheers to 2014 and another great year! 1 …broken vases… 2 …sunday night lessons… 3 …Dearest Friend… 4 …sorority lessons to the church… 5 …The … Continue reading

…why i write…

Have you ever woke up in the morning looked at yourself with your lopsided hair all frizzed up, dark mascara circles under your eyes, and sleep washing its side effects all over your face and you wonder how am I supposed to make this look good today? Or you look at your closet and can’t … Continue reading

…action plan…

In reading one of Paul’s letters to the church of Philippi, I was inspired by the charge that Paul gave to its church members. In the book of Philippians, I recognized the challenge to inspire the people in the church to be greater and to develop into better people. Here are some summary thoughts on … Continue reading