…birthday reflections…

This past week was an epic week. I entered a new decade with another passing birthday. I’m not afraid to say it, but I am 30. There I said it. And with the ushering in of this new age, I’m learning more than ever to be even more comfortable and confident in my own skin.

I’m also learning to be open. My significant other has been patient with me as I learn to open myself up to letting him into the intimate places of my life, my thoughts, my dreams, and my imperfections. Allowing another be your other half also means allowing someone to hold up a mirror to the good and bad parts of your self for you to see. I am thankful for that mirror because it is an honest look that you can’t quite see all by yourself.

In that honest mirror, I see the parts of myself that I admire and the parts that are not so pretty. But wouldn’t you rather have someone there to tell you that you have something in your teeth so you can pick it out or would you rather walk around the rest of the day making a fool of yourself. I’m thankful for people in my life who love me enough to challenge me to become my best. It’s hard to hear what needs to change in your life, not going to lie. However, there is a quote that sums up this experience – “All great changes are preceded by chaos.” Great changes with my age are coming and I find it is easy to do when you surrounded by love. I’m thankful for the love that God covers me with despite my imperfections and mistakes.

With this new decade, I am wiser, stronger, and ready for what this next phase of maturity of life brings. I see myself changing and putting away childish things and allowing myself to take on more responsibility.


I’m confident in my thirties and that is not something that I could honestly say when I was in my twenties. Growing up requires growing pains, constant changing for the better, and the luxury of maturity with age and experience.

I’m only going to get better with age!


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