…the bachelor is back…

The Bachelor is back on! You know what that means…millions of women around America are drooling over another eligible bachelor looking for love in a crowded room of women.

Two words, one name. Juan. Pablo.

Need I say more? No.

So grab your glass of wine and bag of peanut butter M&Ms and buckle up for the emotional rollercoaster ride of love that The Bachelor will take us on. As always the show will demonstrate the unfolding love story between a man looking to find his one true love in a group of women who would put their career and lives on hold, hoping to obtain love, a man, and a Neil Lane ring.

Besides the fact that two of my Alpha Phi sisters are contestants (shout out AOE!), I’m excited to start yet another bracket to see who ends up with Juan. Pablo. proposing at the end. Guys have fantasy football leagues, women have rose ceremony bracket leagues. (If you want in on this kind of league, message me on Facebook)

As the weeks of extravagantly tv show produced dates commence and love starts emerging alongside the drama induced relationships of the women in the house, I’m reminded that this is all indeed a fantasy. And as the tears stream down the faces of the rejected women in fancy prom dresses while they are whisked away in a limo with a camera shoved in their face to document the heartache, they lament about not getting a rose.

Usually at this point as I’m chomping on my peanut butter M&Ms, I empathize out loud to the women in the dreaded limo ride home on tv by saying, “Oh, baby girl! It’s going to be okay!” And as they cry about not being loved, about not being good enough, about not finding the one in Juan. Pablo., I just want to reach out and remind them that they don’t need a relationship status or a rose from a soccer player to feel valued or loved. I want to tell them that they are successful, strong, smart, beautiful, and that they don’t need to feel bad about themselves because they didn’t happen to find a connection with this one guy.

Ladies, give yourself a rose! Find love for yourself and not in a job, relationship status, your checking account, the size of clothes you wear, the car you drive, or your looks. Don’t base your worth on what others thing about you or the things you possess. You are so worthy of being loved

We need to learn that, although fun to watch and much like a sport for women, The Bachelor perpetuates our insecurities about ourselves and how we look to the wrong places to find love. Love can’t be synthetic or produced, it is real and something we deserve and we deserve to learn to love ourselves for who we are right now. When we can truly love ourselves with our imperfections and uniqueness, it makes it easier to open ourselves up for love from another person.

With all that being said, of course, I will still be watching the next few weeks, glued to my tv watching the drama unfold and crossing my fingers for my bracket. I will also be reminded that my worth doesn’t come from a rose ceremony, it comes from me. Now, pass the M&Ms!


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