…streams and shakes…

Writing helps you remember where you have been, what God was doing in your life at the time, and how much you have grown since then. This week’s post is a journal entry from when I was a sophomore in college at Azusa Pacific University. I had visited Forest Home with some friends to gorge on java chocolate chip milkshakes and to take in the beautiful scenary while having some alone time with God. While I was there I sat by a stream with my feet in the water and listened to the stream, and listened to God’s voice. I wrote this journal entry which I shared with my mom who recently showed it to me again to remind me of it. I encourage you that if there are moments God is speaking to you or moving you to feel a certain way, write it down. That way you can preserve that moment forever. And in this case remind yourself of that journal entry from 9 years ago…

September 2004:

“But what I realized today as I’m sitting surounded by the mountains with the sound of a steam flowing in my ears is that I do have someone to share this beauty with, the ulitmate significant other. I get to share it with the one who created it. It’s so beautiful how nature exists. It speaks of harmony and has a connectedness with its creator. The stream doesn’t worry about how to flow, where to flow, how much, or even when. It is just connected and knows. The stream is wild, yet it fulfills the purpose in which it was created for. And the rocks in the stream have no dissention towards the stream because its waters flow rapidly over it. In fact if it weren’t for the rocks the streams would be silent, and not creating the beautiful, calming music that I am listening to right now. The rocks and stream work together. And yes the rock can still fulfill its purpose without the stream, and yes the water can still fufill its purpose without the rocks. But by staying connected to their creator, and acknowledging the creator’s purpose and will for their lives, the rocks and the water work together bringing pleasure to God. And if the rocks said, “No, I’m going to work apart from the stream.” Then they would not be smooth from the wear of the water washing over them. And the water forms the rocks, and smoothes the rocks for a purpose to make a beautiful noise that glorifies its creator. The rocks would not be as brilliantly colored becuase the water washes away the dirt to show its true colors.

Oh God! My Creator! I am the rock and Jesus is the water, and the current is the Holy Spirit. Always moving, and guiding the stream to make music to glorify its Creator!”

I pray that God guides you and forms you this next week as you grow in your relationship with Him. And I wonder if Forest Home still serves those delicious shakes…Roadtrip anyone?


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