…on time…

I’ll admit, I didn’t post last week. I try to post every Friday, but last week I didn’t. Why? Because I got busy and filled my time with other priorities and distractions. Don’t get me wrong, I love to write and writing helps me to grow and learn more about myself with every post. I ask myself, “why I didn’t write when it’s something I enjoy doing and want to do?” It’s because I fill my time with other things – typically with work, planning a 10 year high school reunion, working out, meetings, chores, being lazy and watching tv. This miss of the post honestly got me thinking about my priorities, and what I communicate to others and to God about what I value in where I spend my time.

There is something that you need to know about me, I am chronically five minutes late wherever I am going. It’s something that I am mindful of and I am working on, but it never fails that I am late even if I started getting ready to leave early. It is because I find ways to fill my time before I have to leave. I find something else that I need to quick do before I have to head out the door at that certain time in order to arrive at my destination on time. Whether it is answering one more email in my office before a meeting or quick cleaning some dishes before I head out the door, I load up each moment with something to do that keeps me from being on time.

I need to work on this. I find that this is a small example of what I do in the bigger picture of my life with my priorities. I will find things to do to distract me from getting to my destination. I need to learn to put time aside for the things that matter and to not let the things that do not take over and control my time, relationships, and resources in ways that don’t align with my values. Like writing, for example, I love to do it and want to do it, but I find other things that I convince myself are more important of my time and attention and it gets put off. And when I see it tricking into my spiritual life, it hurts. I see myself finding things to fill my time and it communicates to God that those things are more important than my relationship with Him. My Abba Father, my Creator, my King should have every minute of my time and not the last minute or the few minutes in between before I head out the door to my next obligation.

So I am working on being on time and not just arriving on time, but being conscious about the ways in which I’m spending my time doing things that matter and align with my values. Minutes here and there add up, and before you know it an hour has passed, a day has passed, a month has passed, and it’s October and the leaves are changing.

As I was reminded this past week, God is all you need and that is where I want to spend my time because everything else becomes a distraction from what I really need in my life. I want my time to reflect my priorities, and not be filled with things that keep me from doing what I love and with whom I love.

What are things that keep you from being on time both literally and spiritually? What changes do you need to make so that your time reflects what matters to you?


2 thoughts on “…on time…

  1. Love You Beej! I wish I got to spend more time with you… I love your honestly in this post. I think my job frustrations take up a lot of my time lately, I am working on changing my attitude and I remind myself constantly that God has me here for a reason.

  2. Just want to set the record straight. You have not always been late. When you were born, you came a few days early. Love ya, Mom

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