..circle of trust…

This past week my college Bible study girls hit the pages of my blog to find posts that related to their life and posts that they connected with. Besides obviously being flattered, I was nervous that my words, the stories of my life were going to be read, processed and repeated. Now let me be honest, when I post my writings on my website it’s easy to share to the anonymous “world wide interwebs” because I’m not directly in front of those that read it. However, here in my Bible study I was listening to my words being repeated and related to by people that I’m close to in my life. It’s hard not to get self-conscious and stare at my feet instead of making direct eye contact. But as I listened to these ladies sharing their hearts and the struggles and challenges that they were facing, I realized how important it is to share. It is important to share our fears, our stories, struggles, and victories. Why? Because that’s life. It’s not meant to be lived alone and kept to ourselves, but shared with those around us, in a circle with a coffee cup in our hands and our ears open. It’s about finding those moments when we connect with someone and say, “oh my gosh, me too!” It is until we share that we can embrace those moments.

It can be scary to share what we are struggling with, but as I listened to these ladies I heard brave words being spoken, the push to be something greater, to move forward, and to grow. I pray that you find a group of people that you can be honest with and share what you are going through to find support and encouragement. I’m blessed to be surround by a women who want something greater in their lives, want to grow in their faith and love, and want to provide a circle of trust and tear producing laughter. Within that circle we found those that want to find love for themselves, want to pray for God’s will in theirs lives, and to take disappointments and give them to God. All things that we all deal with on a daily basis, but never share. So start sharing and build that circle of trust with those who will say “me too!” and “you’re not alone!”


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