…Opinion vs. Truth?…

I had lunch the other day with a friend who is married and has two kids. As we were chatting, she brought up an incident that occurred with her 4 year old daughter and her latest life lesson. She said that her daughter came home the other day from school crying because a girl told her she wasn’t pretty. She then said something that I thought was so profound. She said beyond reassuring her daughter that she was beautiful inside and out, she taught her daughter that that was one girl’s opinion, but did not have to be her truth about herself. That people are forever entitled to their opinions, but to know who you are and what you hold to be true about yourself doesn’t waver in the hot air wind of an opinion.

First, it made me sad that little girls are capable of put downs at that age on the playground. These are playground fouls should not be happening and can cause some damage early on in our lives, but that these playground fouls tend to continue throughout life. It’s a good reminder that we need to build one another up and be an encouragement, not tear each other apart.

Second, it made me really ponder, how often do I allow other’s opinions of me become my truth? Who do I allow to speak into my life and allow to influence who I am and who I want to become?

In my life, I have been around people who have put me in a box and made assumptions of who I am and what I am all about as I’m sure you may have experienced too. It’s almost like they use their assumptions to create their own way of understanding and interpreting who I am as well as limiting what I am capable of accomplishing…what I would like to tell them is go ahead put me in that box, and let me blow the lid right off! I guarantee that I’m going to surprise you.

Self-love and truth can withstand any opinion. Don’t let what others say or think affect the love and appreciation that you have for yourself. You are who you define yourself to be, and not others. That is your truth and your truth is the only opinion that you need to be concerned about.

Do you often listen to the opinions of others or to your own opinion of your self?


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