…Mental “Husbanding”…

Ladies, don’t get mad at me for revealing one of our best kept secrets, but I had to write about our kryptonite that creeps up into our mind every now and then, and the process of mental “Husbanding” that ensues.

Husbanding is the process in which a woman witnesses a guy displaying godly spouse attributes, and then mentally drools over the thought of how great so-and-so would be as a husband. (Women reading this are now doing the hand-slap to the forehead, shaking their head, and laughing because they know it’s true. Guys, you are now probably taking notes…)

“Can you use the word Husbanding in a sentence?”

Oh, I’d be happy to…

      Female A: “Oh, _________ was husbanding again.

      Female B: “What did he do?”

      Female A: “He changed his nephew’s diaper in the church nursery.”

      Female B: “That’s so hot…”

 Other Husbanding traits listed in no particular order, and not limited to:


        Volunteering as a youth leader

        Attending mission trips

        Walking old women to their seats


        Worshipping with their eyes closed or raising their hands during worship

        Holding a baby

        Reciting Bible verses

        Leaning forward intently listening to the sermon and taking notes

        Leading a Bible Study

        Wearing a purity ring


These traits are often looked out for to show the character and spiritual fitness of a potential spouse. So when a female sees a husbanding trait i.e. a guy holding a baby the thought is “He is going to be a really great father.” Or when they see him tithing the Husbanding trait thought is “He must be financially stable and honors the Lord with his money.”

Darwin should have seen the process of Husbanding coinciding with his theory of natural selection in that women naturally select the guys with Husbanding traits that show they are more spiritual fit to be a hot godly spouse …it definitely gives new meaning given to “survival of the fittest.”

Who would have thought that tithing could be so hot?


3 thoughts on “…Mental “Husbanding”…

  1. LOL this is so accurate, it is scary. I shared it with a few of my friends bc I KNOW we have done this and sent each other a quick about it when it happens too.

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