Thank You 2014

Thank you for a wonderful year and for reading my posts! I hope this past year has been filled with love, joy, and growth. There has been so many great memories, accomplishments as well as some challenging moments. I think no matter what your year brought you it is important to say thank you for … Continue reading



I’ve been writing lately about being confident in your own purpose and abilities. Often when we see others who are pursuing their purpose and dreams we can respond with jealousy. Instead use it to inspire us to follow our purpose that aligns with our abilities, personality, and passions. You can’t take someone else’s purpose and … Continue reading

…love does…

This next week try sharing love for others around you. After some heartfelt conversations with some of my students this week who expressed how they were hurting, stressed out, and frustrated, I realized that everyone can use some love and kindness because everyone is struggling with something. A smile in passing, genuine listening, completing a … Continue reading