I’ve been writing lately about being confident in your own purpose and abilities. Often when we see others who are pursuing their purpose and dreams we can respond with jealousy. Instead use it to inspire us to follow our purpose that aligns with our abilities, personality, and passions. You can’t take someone else’s purpose and try to make it your own success.

I feel so blessed to have some pretty amazing women in my life that continue to inspire me to be the best that I can be. They also encourage me to grow within different areas of my life so that I don’t become stagnant or complacent. They are all women who have accomplished so much in their lives and are extremely successful in their relationships and careers. Their success inspires me, rather than intimidates me or make me feel self conscious about my own accomplishments. We can be the inspiration for each other as these women have been for me. They have inspired me to be real with myself, going deeper when it would have been easier not to. They have inspired me to hold on to my values, love and take care of my body in a healthy way, and showed me what it means to live a life breathing gratitude and positivity. They ask me great questions that challenge my thinking and perceptions.

Who are the people in your life that inspire you? What is it about them that inspires you and how do they push you to become better?

We need to celebrate these people and let them know that there beauty and greatness is inspirational! Often we either don’t express it or we are intimidated to recognize greatness in each other because of the lack of confidence in our own greatness.

These next few weeks I will be posting blogs from women who inspire and challenge me to grow in my faith, my physical abilities, my values, my friendships and connections with others, and in my attitudes. They are beautiful, strong, independent, confident, loving, and positive women. I hope you learn from them and are inspired by their greatness like I am!

I want to hear about the women in your life that inspire you to greatness! Comment below or tweet me @blaynejohn using #womenwhoinspire.

See some of the women in my life who inspire and challenge me to be better!



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