…the bachelorette show’s lessons on love…

Relationships on Reality TV are real, right?

The Bachelorette has started up again this week and of course I was watching the season premiere! It was a great reminder of how I started writing this blog to reach out to others and help them find love and value within themselves and not from others, possessions, or money.

As the show again reminded me so well, we are all looking for love and looking to feel that we are valued and worthy. It is often that we look to others to tell us our worth instead of finding that love for ourselves and receiving God’s perfect love in our lives to fill the gaps of our imperfections.

I just wanted to remind you as we gear up for another season of men and women trying to find love through extravagant dates and the process of rose elimination ceremonies that are some truths that we need to remind ourselves daily.

  • You are worth more than the amount of money in your bank account.
  • Your job title does not dictate your value.
  • A relationship status does not mean that you are not worthy to be loved.
  • The clothes, accessories, and hair-dos you wear do not determine your worth or beauty.
  • The amount of friends on Facebook, Twitter followers, Instagram hearts on your photos does not quantify how popular, cool, or hipster you are.
  • You are beautiful, worthy, loved, and valued. Possessions, job titles, Facebook friends, money, and relationship statuses does not determine your worth.

So as you are setting up your bracket to see who makes it to the end of The Bachelorette (like I am) through the season of drama, tears, and finding true love with a group a strangers, do not forget to bring love to yourself and do not be tempted to look to things or others to give you that love. I promise if you do this that you will always come up lacking, disappointed, and still longing…as though waiting for someone to validate you by giving you a rose at the end of a rose ceremony. Instead, go buy that rose for yourself because you deserve it!

Check out my very first post Reality TV Inspiration to read more on how this blog started with a little inspiration from The Bachelor!


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