…vocational purpose…

I’m sure you have been asked before, what do you want to do with your life? Big life decisions are presented as a young adult when you are picking which college you will attend, which major you are going to study, or what career you want to go into.  These are all great vocational decisions about how we can apply our fields of study and skills to contribute to the greater workforce. Unfortunately, we often miss the mark when we focus our purpose and whether we are fulfilling that purpose based on our choice in vocation. We let our jobs define who we are and our value to society, but I beg to peel back another layer and contest that our vocations are jobs and does not comprise who we are completely. It is what we do and not who we are. When we connect purpose to vocation, we have convinced ourselves that there are right and wrong choices made in what our purposes are for ourselves.

In the midst of figuring out what we want to do with our lives, there is a deeper question involved that often gets overlooked because we are focused on the vocational purpose. We need to be asking ourselves and each other, “How are you going to love the world?” God created each and every one of us uniquely, and before we were born formed us into a beautiful piece of artwork. No one can love the world like you can, so in thinking about your unique qualities, characteristics, personality, and skills, how are you going to love others the way that God created only you to do. This is God’s vocational purpose for us – to distinctively love the world.

That my friend is the key to fulfilling your purpose in the way you life, how you interact with others, and contribute to society. We all have been given different passions and unique gaps in which God gave us the ability for only our love to fill.

How are you going to love the world in the unique way that God created you to do so?


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