…the question…

I enjoy asking questions because it helps guide the answers that you are seeking. Sometimes though when questions are posed of you that you don’t know the answer to it causes frustration or only leads you down a path of more questions without clear answers. A colleague of mine during graduate school asked me one of these questions that on the outside seems easy to answer, but on the inside only led me to be frustrated. Why? Because at the time I didn’t know the answer.

The conversation looked a little like this:

“What are you all about?”

“Well, I’m a graduate student that is currently seeking a master’s so that I can work with college students and help them discover their identities and passions.”

“No, that’s what you do. What are you all about?”

“Umm, I am a daughter, sister, aunt, friend and I care about my family and friends.”

“No, those are different roles you have, what are you all about?”

“Okay, I’m a Christian, and love God. I want to grow in my relationship with God.”

“That’s an identity and goal. What are YOU all about?”

I got what he was asking, but what frustrated me was not necessarily trying to find the right answer that he was looking for because there was no right answer, but the fact that I didn’t know the answer for me in that moment.

Since then, I have reflected the answer to this question, and few years later I have an answer. I have a feeling it may evolve and change over time, but I know right now how I would answer “the question.” I know what you are thinking, so what is it? I’m not going to tell you because you need to discover it for yourself first. But if our paths cross please ask me the question and I am more than happy to share this with you.

I’ve asked “the question” of the women in my college Bible study and saw the same look of frustration that I experienced when I was posed the question initially. Ultimately, I know the experience of wrestling with finding that answer will help them discover the core of who they are and provide a greater sense of identity and purpose. I hope you take the opportunity to ask yourself “What am I all about?”


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