…the small pleasures in life…

Do you ever get so busy that you forget to enjoy the small pleasures in life? Things have been really busy for me lately that I have to just remind myself to breathe…breathe in, breathe out, breath in, breathe out. I know that this feeling of my nose barely above water will pass and is only temporary, but in the meantime I have to remind myself to stop and enjoy life. We are only given one, so don’t let it pass you by and enjoy the small pleasures in life.

Here is my to-do list of small pleasures:

  • Watch the leaves changing for fall
  • Feel the sun on my skin before the winter clouds and wind roll in
  • Enjoy a pumpkin spice latte
  • Curl up with the latest Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novel
  • Call my best friend and catch up on life
  • Go for a walk and watch the sun set
  • Write my Grandma a letter
  • Sleep in and not be woke up by an alarm clock
  • Spend time with my nieces and nephews before they get too old to hang out with their auntie
  • Spend time in prayer about the present and future
  • Stop and smell the flowers my students gave me
  • Give an encouraging word to those who cross my pass
  • Watch funny youtube videos and laugh until my stomach hurts
  • Call my parents and tell them thank you for being the best
  • Buy that pair of earrings at Target that I’ve had my eye on for the longest time
  • Spend quality time with friends and never look at my phone or watch wondering when I have to be at the next thing
  • Love.

What are the small pleasures in your life that you need to stop and enjoy? I’m printing this list out and checking them off one at a time. You can too by creating your own list and reminding yourself that life flies by and it’s important to enjoy the little things in life.


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