….prayer reveals the heart…

I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and to look for purpose behind the events that occur in life. It sounds that I don’t care when I say a statement like that as if to say whatever happens, happens and I will deal with whatever comes along. I don’t necessarily mean that attitude, but rather that in the good or bad one can learn from or find purpose in the event occurring which naturally brings me to prayer.

If I will find purpose in whatever happens in my life, then why pray? I know that’s what you and I are both thinking. If I can find a reason in everything, then why pray for a different outcome?

Prayer is a matter of the heart.

When I pray, my heart changes towards my situation. Prayer is not to change the hand of God, it is meant to change us. Praying to God helps us understand that we need God in our lives and trust in his plan. It is also helps us to naturally open our heart up to ask questions about what God is doing…and then to listen. Without prayer we lose the relationship aspect with God. It is a way to connect and build a relationship with God that is not one-sided.

I find that when I pray for a situation or a “hard to love” person, I find that the situation may not change but I sure do. My heart begins to soften towards them and I find that I am more open to how God can use me in the situation, not how I can use God to change it or take it away.

Prayer reveals the heart. When we pray, we should examine the nature of our heart. Are we constantly only asking God for things like rubbing a magic lamp and asking God to grant us three wishes? Or are we taking it a step further and asking God here is what I think I need, but then asking God what do you need from me? If prayer reveals your heart, then where is your heart? Is your heart selfish, attentive, full of praise, thankful, petitioning for forgiveness, quiet, or not ready?

What does the purpose of prayer mean to you? What is one thing that your prayer life reveals to you?

Please share in the comment box below.


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