…list your blessings…

Why is that when one area of your life is going well, there is another area of your life that isn’t? When your job is going really great, you get in a fight with your best friend. Or you finally paid off your student loans, but you’ve been working so hard that you haven’t been taken care of yourself physically and your health is not at its best. It always seems that when you finally have one area of your life mastered something else falls apart. And when this happens we really get down on ourselves because we live in a world where we want to have our cake and it too, and we want it now!

Something that is a great way to get you out of the funk of worrying about those areas of your life that aren’t up to par is to focus on the positive things that are actually happening in your life. In a culture where we constantly want more or better and now, it is good to sit down and dwell on the good that we do have in our life to help us realize that we have more than enough. Make a list of blessings in your life right now, and it will help give you a perspective on the positive things in your life. instead of only focusing on the negative. Listing your blessings helps you realize that things aren’t as awful as they seem and that you have some really great people, opportunities, and things in your life that are more than enough and God has given you all that you need.


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