…sunday night lessons…

This is dedicated to the beautiful women of my college group – Kjerste, Maggie, Rachael, Mia, Kara, Sarah, Haley, and Chandler!

Sunday nights this semester have filled my home with loud laughter, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, sugar cookies, couch pile ups, and hope poured into a prayer pot. But the most important thing that my small living room has been filled with is your love for one another, honest conversations about struggles, heartfelt encouragement, hands that hold one another up in prayer and provide a hand to squeeze for strength to take on another week. You have warmed my heart with your love, and given my abs a work out with the contagious laughter.

It is funny how every week, you all think that I have “blown your mind” with thought provoking questions that I am still figuring out the answers to for myself, but to be honest, each of you teach me every week on what it means to live, love, to have faith, and to laugh…and not just the casual laugh either, but the deep belly laugh that causes tears and makes your stomach start to hurt…

I am so thankful for what you have taught me and I want to take the time to tell each of you what lessons you have taught me:

Kjerste, you have taught me to have a pure servant’s heart in every role that have. I admire how you give your time, resources, and energy to your leadership roles and do it with such a caring heart. You never ask for recognition and give without expecting anything in return.

Rachael, you have taught me to be wise and spend time in the Word. You’re observations are thoughtful and I love how you dig deep into the word, and are thought provoking when you share.

Maggie, you taught me to heal and move forward and that no matter what someone’s past is that it does not dictate their future. I have learned from you to take risks in opening up your heart and learning to trust. You are cautious because you have taken the time to reflect on what you have been through, but still willing to open up and try again. And yes, I do think that you want to be in a relationship.

Mia, you have taught me to not give up on others and to continually reach out to those around me. In your story, you have shown me that each person has inside of them a seed of faith inside that is waiting to be cultivated into a beautiful, fruitful spirit. You are growing, learning, and your faith is blossoming!

Sarah, you have taught me to be real and to always have funny videos on your phone to provide entertainment to everyone! I appreciate your “tell it like it is” approach which reminds me to be honest, truthful, and real to everyone around me.

Kara, you have taught me to be a prayer warrior. You are always thinking of ways to challenge yourself and those around you. You push yourself to grow in your faith even when it’s not comfortable or popular. You have taught me to challenge and be challenged.

Haley, you have taught me to laugh, laugh hard, laugh again, then laugh some more. I appreciate your enthusiasm for life and enjoying it to the fullest. You are not afraid to be yourself and those around you love you for it! You have taught me that life is meant to be enjoyed, getting your hands muddy, and to not be afraid to start a cuddle puddle in the middle of Bible study.

Chandler, you have taught me to listen to others and engage. You are always so encouraging to others because you take the time to listen, observe, and then respond. Your presence is always accompanied by your smile!

Every Sunday has filled my home and my heart. I have grown in my faith with you, and I feel honored that you would let me lead your Bible study. Ladies, I encourage you to continue to grow in your faith and to not be afraid to be honest about your story. When we are honest, we learn from each other and help each other through our struggles and often find out that we are not alone. Know that you are never alone and will always have your place reserved on my couch in my living room whenever you need it.1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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