Things in my life have changed so much in the past month or so. I’ve started a new job, moved twice until I finally moved to my new apartment, and found out one of my best friends is moving away. So many life changes, all exciting, new, and some hard.

This past year when I was in the midst of looking for a new job, I had to trust in God’s plan and lean on Him for guidance and direction. Things weren’t always certain, and with time burning away, I needed to know what my next step will be. My life became a leap of faith in trusting God, and Him providing that next step when I needed it most.

It has been a huge blessing to look back this past year and see how God was working in my life all along and to see His plan unfold. Over the years, I’ve learned to trust that God is good and is always with me. I look back in various milestones in my life, markers of God’s goodness, grace, and forgiveness. I see valleys of darkness, burning bushes of light, questions while patiently waiting for answers, and mountain top experiences. The blessing of hindsight is that you can see why things worked out the way they did in your life and even if in the moment it was painful and there was confusion that God had a plan, a purpose in it. I think as I get older it becomes easier to trust in God’s goodness because of the markers in my life that serve as reminders, monuments if you will, in my life. And with uncertainty or doors of opportunity that have been slammed shut in my face, another one opens or another path is provided for me to follow. And it somehow ends up far better than what I could imagine.

The monuments in my life have taught me to trust. It has taught me that God is good always. God will never leave you. And there is always growth in uncertainty.

I hope whatever path you are on right now whether in a dark valley or twisting in turning with life’s changes that you keep moving forward. Keep trusting. Hindsight will bring you answers and will show you the monuments along the way where God was leading you and providing purpose all along.

Looking back, what are some monuments in your life?


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