…believe in love…

Ok I need to be honest. I’m not going to lie to you, but I ended up giving up Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor. I’m sure many of you know can understand the disappointment it was to watch an unraveling of this perfect image that you had of this man. And yet it reminds me again that this is just a reality tv show and these are people who are desperately trying to find love on a tv show.

Life isn’t perfect. People are not perfect. And even with the animosity that the nation’s bachelor viewers have towards Juan Pablo, the viewers still watch and still hope that love will prevail for the next bachelorette. Juan Pablo ended up being a jerk and unfortunately hurt women and viewers’ expectations of him along the way. Although that happened, viewers don’t throw love out the window, they still hope. They hope for the next person that love will be generous, kind, and handsome. They hope that despite hurts along the way that love can pick itself up, brush itself off, and hope for another ending with a Neil Lane diamond ring. And that is why we watch The Bachelor. We believe in love.

We all have been hurt in our life, things happen along the way that make us lose trust, but one thing we hope for is that love will always prevail in our lives. I know that we are not perfect and have hurt others too, but it doesn’t mean we should give up on our relationships. We must try to rebuild our relationships with one another. No one person is perfect. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, The Bachelor isn’t perfect. But God and His love for us is and that’s something not to give up and continue to watch another season.

So hope in love for yourself and for others. Learn to love desperately and richly. Give grace along the way because there will be hurts and disappointments. Love will always prevail.



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