…small things lead to big things…

The most important time of year has arrived! The red cups are out at Starbucks which marks the beginning of another holiday season. The leaves have fallen off the trees, frost greets me in the morning on the grass and on my car, and the multiple layers and boots are making an appearance daily in my wardrobe. The small changes every day prepares you for the next season, and it is important to appreciate the small things that work their way into your life like red cups at Starbucks. In our lives, we often focus on the big changes, not noticing the small parts that have grown into the big moments. And like the first day of November sneaking up on us today, it is important to take the time to appreciate every day and every moment before another month has passed.

The arrival of red cups at Starbucks marks a small change in our daily routine that ushers in a new holiday season. This is kind of like our prayer lives. We often focus on praying for the big things like focusing on the next holiday season, but neglect praying for the day to day small things like the arrival of red holiday cups. As you pick up your next coffee or scrape the frost off your car, say a little prayer for the small things in your life because praying for the small things leads into big things. It is acknowledging your dependence on God in all areas of your life and gives you an opportunity to praise him for the small and big things. Praying for the small things allows you to be open to God’s direction and an opportunity to develop your relationship with him daily. Don’t wait for another big moment to pray for, rather make it part of your daily routine to pray for the small things. Because for each small prayer, you invite God to do big things in your life and it ushers you into a new season.

Happy November!



One thought on “…small things lead to big things…

  1. Hello Brittany, I want to share with you that your blog is now being forwarded to 2 new believers. I pray that eventually they will communicate with you regularly. Such wonderful messages you are sharing…..thank you for your faithfulness…..and today I’m thanking God for “the small things!” Blessings, Rita

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