…not someday, today…

In the same vein of learning to live in contentment…is learning to love yourself where you are at right now. The person you are right now is a unique makeup of your life experiences up until that point and the people you have interacted along the way. It’s also a cause and effect of your life circumstances, and the blessings you’ve been given. You will not be the same exact person you are now from yesterday, two years from now or even next week. That’s the beauty of who you are right now. You are always changing, never the same and slightly different from one minute to the next.

I know we all struggle with learning to love ourselves. Whether standing in front of the mirror or holding up the mirror for self-efficacy, we usually only focus on our flaws or what we don’t like about ourselves. We then think, someday I’ll fix these things and everything will be all better. Someday, I will be able to afford the clothes I want to wear and it will be in the skinny sizes I want to buy. Or someday, I will feel loved and beautiful when I get a man who will make me feel these things. And even someday, I will be so much more fulfilled when I have my dream job, dream house, dream family. Someday. Guess what? Someday is here. And you’ve never been more ready to feel loved by you, then by some pair of skinny jeans, some guy, some career, and some Barbie dream house. Who you are now is beautiful and accepted. You are unique in this moment of time, so savor it. The fact is that we evolve, we change, we reflect our hearts and that is something meant to be appreciated and find contentment in.

Start loving yourself for who you are today, not someday. Start living your life now, and not waiting for the right moment, the right size, the right promotion, or the right amount of money. The God who created you loves you deeply and created you to be who you are in this moment. Contentment with yourself means seeing yourself the way God sees you as His perfect creation that is worth sacrificing a whole lot be loved. And contentment isn’t being complacent either. It’s learning that as you live life, you need to take care of yourself and keep growing, and never growing stagnant or complacent in your love for God, your love for others, and your love for yourself. Keep loving. Keep Growing. You are worth the love!



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