…easier said than done…

There are some things that are ‘easier said than done.’ As though it rolls off the tongue with great intention and ease, however, putting those words into action proves to be much more challenging. Easier said than done things for me would be losing that five pounds that would make my jeans feel a little more comfortable and a little less snug. And keeping up on the latest research for higher education to stay up on the latest trends in my profession. Or keeping in better and constant communication with my friends that live in other states. Again all things that I have the best intention on doing, but often another day rolls by and I find that I haven’t done anything to put those intentions into action.

A huge ‘easier said than done’ thing that I struggle with in my faith is learning to trust God. It’s so easy to tell others to just trust in God’s greater plan when they are struggling to see purpose in their life, but when it comes to my own life I have internal freak out moments where trusting in God’s greater plan is the last thing I want to do. I find myself wanting to control my outcomes by calculating my inputs and making short-term, long-term, and present-term plans constantly. I find myself struggling to trust when I have my ideal timeline and my own thoughts of what that plan looks like for me. I’m learning to trust right now and learning to let go because I do know that sometimes the plan that God has for me is better than what I could have imagined or thought of for myself…so I just need to learn how to trust. Again, easier said than done, but with every little moment when I freak out I remind myself that is God’s funny way of poking me and reminding me to trust him and not totally rely on myself as my own god. I begin to start taking easier said than done leaps of faith by taking risks and opportunities that are outside my “perfect plan.”

The gift of hindsight is that eventually at some point you get the opportunity to look back and know exactly why God was saying no, delaying, changing your desires or opening certain doors because he had a perfect plan and timeline in motion the entire time. He just needed to get you to trust. Again, for me it’s easier said than done, but when I start giving that trust I start accepting God’s greater plan and not my own. Then it becomes easier to trust God in the small and big things of my life.

What are some things in your faith that are easier said than done?



“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5


2 thoughts on “…easier said than done…

  1. It’s hard for me to trust God too, especially after some tragedy or the like occurs in my life. Learning to trust Him and talk to Him, lean on Him, etc. even when I’m mad or disappointed in Him or feel like He’s absent, is very difficult.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting! I hear ya! It can be so hard to understand to trust in God in the midst of pain or loss. My prayer for both of us is that in those moments when it’s hard to trust in God’s plan (easier said than done, I know) that we do find something deep down inside of our faith that helps us to learn how to trust when all we want to do is to control the situation or do it on our own.

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