…resolutions worth keeping…

New Year’s Day, and the unpredicted arrival of 2013 to the dismay of the Mayans, is just around the corner. Such is a time when Target’s shelves are stocked with the latest work out DVDs, weights are on the end caps of the aisles, and displays are full of items that you absolutely need to get organized. These are pleasant reminders that New Year’s resolutions are to be made and kept…for awhile anyway. Ringing in the New Year reminds us of goals or expectations that were not met the previous year, but that a new year brings new resolve, a fresh start, and plenty of sales to help us purchase the items that we need to get a jump-start on our goals.

The holidays are time to be reflective to cherish the moments that we have with our family and appreciate all that we have been given and who we get to share it with. I think it is also a time to let go of the past and look forward to a future in the New Year. New Year’s resolutions are the mirror of self-efficacy that we need to hold up to ourselves and really take a deep look into who we want to become in the New Year. So when we make our New Year’s resolutions we should ask ourselves: who are we making them for, why are we making them, and are they worth keeping? They need to be something we are going to desire to keep and commit to beyond the sales at Target and discounted January gym memberships.

The 2013 New Year has opened the door to think more closely about what resolutions that I would like to set for myself. Ultimately, I find myself being more introspective about the values that I want to emulate and what I want to reflect to others. I created some values or pillars if you will that are simple, yet subjective I know, that I would love to live out daily in 2013.

Be love.
Be light.
Be real.
Be challenged.
Be true.
Be great.

Other reflective questions that the New Year has brought to my doorstep are:

If I were to think about my beliefs, do I live those out on a daily basis?

Am I surrounding myself with others that also challenge and encourage me in my faith?

What is it that God wants me to do right now in this moment, and not in a week, a month or a year, but right now?

Am I leading others anywhere worth following?

With 2012 passing, we naturally get the blessing to let the past go and move forward. There are things in our lives that we need to let go off that are holding us back from walking into the opportunities of change that await us. I pray that God gives me the strength to let go of the things that separate me from these values and walk away. Fear can keep us from giving up the things that hold us down because we find comfort in the familiar habits of our past. I think we fear change, or being shunned for stepping out and being different. In the end those things do not matter, but living out love does. (Great title for a Bob Goff book)

In 2013 I am responsible for every day and every moment, and my resolution is to find ways to live out these values every day, to continue to grow in my faith, and the one that makes the list every year…to become more domesticated. Thanks to my older brother, the crock pot I got as a gift will help with this.

What are your New Year’s resolutions and are they worth keeping?


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