My story is messy, dark, beautiful and full of redemptive light that has helped me to understand who I am and who I am not. In my story I have found that I can no longer hold my life together with the duct tape of my failures, but with the love of Christ I have learned to love the broken pieces of who I am because Christ has filled in the gaps of my imperfections with His love to make me perfectly whole.

This is why I know I need to share my story…

How many people know your story? …Like really know your story? I’m talking about sharing the true story that has shaped who you are right now in this moment. What has happened that contributed to your character development as the protagonist in the novel of your life?

Everyone has a story to tell, a context, setting, climax, and conflicts that have occurred to give each of us a unique and special story to share with others. Finding the courage to tell your story can be a beam of light breaking through dark clouds illuminating the inner parts of who we are. When we share our inner parts – broken, dirty, beautiful, and raw we can finally be in true community with one another and not hide behind abridged edited versions of our stories that only show each other the parts of our stories that look good to others or are comfortable and safe.

Take a moment to write your story down until you have the strength to share or tell your whole story over a cup of coffee with your best friend, and then take the time to listen to theirs. We build authentic relationships and connections when we can be honest in whom we are with each other. Love involves opening up and listening to each other’s hearts. By sharing your story and by me sharing mine; I promise will catch your heart and you will catch mine.


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