…Dream Big…

You can change the world…Have you ever really taken the time to ponder that thought?

God has placed a dream inside of you that can change the world and it is up to you to take action and bring it to life. So dare to dream big, but most importantly start. Don’t wait for something to be right in your life to act. Start small steps towards your dream now. There is never a point in your life when you will be perfectly ready, have the time, money, and resources. Instead be willing. Take your dream and figure out how to start accomplishing it.

It’s kind of like running. If you haven’t ran in a while it always hurts the most to start because you are out of shape and your body is not used to using those muscles. However, every time your feet hit the pavement and you start running, the pain gradually goes away, you start to hit your runner’s high, and it becomes an effortless extension of who you are. You are not going to start running 10 miles a day if you have never ran before. Most likely you will start with one mile and adding the miles on as it becomes easier.

This is the same with accomplishing your dreams. It may not seem comfortable or easy for that matter to start from nothing, but as you take a step forward you are that much closer to achieving your dream than where you were before. It eventually becomes easier and more of a reality.

As we start small, God is working on the little things in your life before he can bring you into the big successes. As God molds you in the small things, He is helping you form habits now, so that when success comes and your big dream becomes a reality, it doesn’t change who you are or comes too quickly and you are not ready for it. In continuing the running metaphor, there is no such thing as a lucky marathon runner, there was many hard days of work and habits formed for them to be able to complete the race.

You can change the world with the dream that God has given you. Only you can love the world in a way that God has created only you to do. Don’t wait for tomorrow to begin that dream, but start small today.

What is your dream? What can you do today to take you one step closer to achieving that dream and start changing the world?


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