Being authentic. Authentic is often used as a buzz word to describe when one’s actions align with being true and honest to who they are and what they are all about. It gets tossed around so often for it to have much meaning anymore these days. We strive for authenticity, but how often are we actually authentic with one another? Often we mask our true feelings, the spiritual and personal struggles that we go through, force the smile on our face because heaven forbid that we really show one another our ‘authentic self.’ It becomes easier to pretend who we want to be to others rather than actually being ourselves…almost like a walking Facebook page. We put on the best version of ourselves because we fear that we may be rejected or glossed over, so we put on a great veneer that gets us through the day.

I challenge you to take off the mask, stop being a persona, try to be vulnerable with those you trust, and begin to share your authentic self. Once you start sharing, you’d be surprised to find that those you know and love may be fighting the same battle you are. It opens the door to provide support and encouragement to one another to get through the rough patches.

It’s hard to be real, raw, and authentic because in order to do this we have to be humble and admit our faults and the fact that we don’t have it all together all the time. This kind of humility brings revival which is a restoration to use or the act of “reviving.” Revival also can mean “an instance of returning to life or consciousness.” This means that when we are humble and honest with one another we are able to be revived, restored, and brought back to life.

It’s not always easy to be honest with one another, but when we take off the mask and be truly authentic we open ourselves up to love and really living life to the fullest. Without it we are walking through life dull, muted, and kind of like a “walker” (that was an awesome reference to the tv show The Walking Dead). It’s moving beyond the superficial, and being willing to be honest with one another even when it means tough conversations. The result means a community that provides encouragement and builds up one another in their weaknesses because in those weaknesses God provides strength.

Who in your life can you be authentic with and your honest self?

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