…risk taker…

This summer I went backpacking through France and Italy with one of my best friends, Rachel. Mind you, neither of us knew French or Italian, but we didn’t allow a language barrier to stop our adventure! Hopping on a plane traveling across the world to explore a country that neither of us have ever been to was definitely taking a risk for both of us. With maps in hand and using what few words of Italian that we had picked up from the previous day…and lots of pointing at things…we traveled on. Lately, I have believed in and followed through with taking risks like these. Whether traveling to foreign places or responding to what God has put on my heart, I have realized that life is an adventure that is meant to be lived, to roll up the sleeves, get the hands dirty and to experience new things every day.

There were plenty of times while we were traveling that we had no idea where we were going or how we were going to get there, but that was part of the adventure. During these times when we traveled off our path, we saw and experienced sites that weren’t necessarily on our list, but were still incredible and often a surprise to see. There were times when God definitely sent angels, people who helped send us on the correct way and got us to our next destination safely. There were often times when Rachel and I would just look at each other and say, “Did that really just happen? God is so good!”

I feel like that is how life is meant to be lived through taking risks and enjoying the adventure along the way. The best part about taking risks is that it produces results. If you were to do nothing, then that’s exactly what it’s going to produce…nothing. But if you take a risk at least it produces some kind of a result or positions you to rely on God to help you. Where is God whispering in your ear to take a risk? Maybe it’s inviting your friend to church. Or is it to lead a small group Bible study? Or maybe it’s volunteering your time at the local food bank? Or is it finally trusting in God with all aspects of your life? Ask yourself where is it that God is leading you where you may have to take a risk?

God wants us to put ourselves out there because in taking a risk it is an act of stepping out in faith, knowing that we are willing and God is able to complete a good work through us. So why not respond to where God is asking you to take a risk in your life? It can only provide an adventure where you may experience or see things that you didn’t know was on your sightseeing list in life.


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