…’it’s the end times’, and other apocalyptic phrases…

It’s 2012. The Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012, but as Christians we’ve been predicting the “end times” in our speech for years. Typically proper usage of the declaration of the end times centers around a negative occurrence. Whether the zombie apocalypse is occurring or your opposing political party candidate was elected, it can be considered “end times.”

Here is an example of appropriate usage of predicting the apocalypse:

  • “So my insurance rates are increasing…it is end times.”
  • “Global warming is melting Antarctica, Jesus is coming soon.”
  • “The economy is going downhill and the dollar is worth nothing, the rapture is just around the corner.”
  • “I don’t want to write this research paper, take me now, Lord.”
  • “I just bought 20 acres in the middle of nowhere to prepare for the apocalypse.”
  • “I hope the rapture happens before I see a preview for the remake of Robocop.”
  • “Just watching JerseyShore makes me wonder if I have Kirk Cameron’s phone number to help me survive the tribulation.”

Predicting the end of the world is a keen sixth sense for Christians. We can sense trouble and tribulation in everyday life and be able to make an accurate prediction of the rapture’s timing. Of course, end time predictions are a spiritual gifting in that it helps to provide hope to the community that the coming rapture is a great way to cope with distress, negativity, the rapid decline of morality, and the remake of Robocop.

What phrases have you used to declare “end times?”


One thought on “…’it’s the end times’, and other apocalyptic phrases…

  1. I was convinced in 2008 the Cardinals going to the Super Bowl was a sign that the end was near…then they lost and it proved to just be the franchises own personal Armageddon.

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