…Worship PDA…

PDA affectionately known as “Public Display of Affection” (pun intended) has become an integral part of the contemporary worship service experience. There are a few ways in which PDA can be shown as way to get closer to one’s partner and to God during the church service. Here a few examples, but not an exhaustive list of the many ways in which PDA has spiritually become part of the worship experience.

Worship Side Hug Hold: During worship, this PDA couple can be seen in a side hug hold as they sing worship songs. Some also opt for the hand hold and the more daring PDA worshippers go for the hand on the derriere of their partner as to say, “Yeah, we are a couple and yeah we sing worship songs together!”

Playing with the Hair: This particular PDA couple is easy to spot as they are comfortably seated while one is rubbing the other’s head, playing with their hair or scratching their neck as they listen to the sermon…probably to keep the other awake or to put them asleep.

Back Scratchers: These couples are often seen during the peak of the sermon. One is leaning forward intently as though hanging on to every word that the pastor is saying, arm propped up on knee underneath the chin, with Bible flopped open on the other leg. This position is perfect then for the other counterpart to then scratch or rub their back. Maybe to keep the other warm due to the cold sanctuary? Regardless, you see the back scratcher as a top contender.

Snuggle Buddies: In this PDA position, the proverbial armrest is up in the pew and they are relaxing into the half snuggle, half spooning position comfortably ready to receive the word of God. This is the more functional and practical way to display PDA during the sermon and to receive the Holy Spirit.

During this next weekend’s service take the time to look around and see how PDA has been incorporated into the worship service experience, and please feel free to leave any other examples of displays on this post, so that we may continue to expand our worship experience!


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