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“No Zac Efron, I’m the lucky one.” -Janay

After watching The Lucky One with some friends a couple of weekends ago and then needing to detox back into reality the week after, I thought that this guest post was a perfect musing on chick flicks. Enjoy!

(It’s blaynejohn.com’s first guest post! Here’s one from Lauren Ingram. You can follow her on Twitter.)

Back to Reality – by Lauren Ingram

Do you ever wonder why we as women do this to ourselves? Maybe not all of us, but I wonder that myself. Usually I find myself getting all dolled up to go to a movie with a bunch of girlfriends, with a bag of kleenex ready to cry my eyes out. If you can’t tell by now, I just got home from a movie with my girlfriends and a box of kleenex. And as sweet as the movie is, I leave the theatre thinking why can’t this happen to me? Why can’t my life be as romantic as the movies? Somehow, regardless of the movie, they always fall in love and wind up living happily ever after. And the kicker tonight? It was a true story! So how can I NOT be thinking those things?

All the way home, I pity myself. I start wondering what’s wrong with me. Why can’t I find my happily ever after? But then I remember something I learned a long time ago. Something that always helps me stay grounded in my thoughts. Someone once introduced to me the idea that chick flicks are actually chick porn. Yes I said it, chick porn.

As women, we crave the desire from a man, to be noticed by a man, and to be loved by him. We are created to be emotional people. That’s exactly how God has made us. But, I do agree with what I was told. We catch ourselves watching chick porn. And I call it chick porn because we get all wrapped up in the things that are happening in the movie, that we are lifted up on some sort of unrealistic cloud. We are dreaming of what our life could be life if we were in that movie. And then we are dropped back to reality and it seems worse than when we walked into the theatre. That is why I call it chick porn.

It’s not a healthy place to be and not a healthy mindset to have. And right now – I need to snap out of it. I need to come back to reality, and come back to the love of my life. The man who is always by my side and will always have my back (even when I doubt that he does.) I need to get back to my relationship with Christ. So as I finish some thin mints and my thoughts – I’m sharing my heart, because I’m challenged by it a lot right now.

So next time you watch some chick porn- think about where your reality is when you are done watching the movie.

So next time you watch some chick porn- think about where your reality is when you are done watching the movie.


One thought on “…back to reality…

  1. Great guest post, Lauren!

    What a perfect parallel! Both genres create unrealistic expectations of others, dream-like scenarios/environments, and fabricate emotional (and/or physical) wants that are polluted projections of what people really might be looking for. Moreover, they both desensitize people to the reality of healthy, positive relationships they may already have in their lives, as well as cloud the lens through which people look for future relationships. Hope this insight helps others navigate their way “back to reality”, as well.

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